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Am running exchange server (2000 and 2003)on windows server 2000 and i have problems in the databases and i tried to repaair and to make offline defragmentation but with no use so am looking to create new databases but sure i dont want to lose any of the email IDs or mailboxes and am looking for the best way to do it with exmerge utility

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CCCISDConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
first i have standard edition so, i cannot create secondary mailboxstore

second the datatbase is growing in size and even through offline defragmentation it is not getting reduced in size so i prefer to create new database
What problems are you experiencing with your Exchange databases? Can you be more specific and advise what you have tried to do.

If you want to move the mailboxes from the old store to the new store the mailstores must both be online and then you can either do a direct mov from mailstore to mailstore or exmerge out and then back in (providing the individual mailboxes do not exceed the ExMerge 2GB Limit). The Exmerge option requires you to have additional permissions on the mailox account and this  will take time and the move option is obviously easier.

If the mailstores are down you will not be able to move the data out in any way.
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