When to use several mailbox stores and when not to

I'm in the process of migrating exchange from 2000 to 2003 (see my other question for more details).

My question is - is there a 'best practice' for when mailboxes should be separated into different stores. I can think of potential uses, and given the migration it makes sense to optimise how we're doing things.

Would the following apply, for example;

- Separating by business function (we have two distinct sides to our charity)
- Separating by employee type (e.g. staff/volunteers)
- Separating by mailbox type (e.g. keeping resources/archive mailboxes separate from user mailboxes)

All thoughts and opinions appreciated!
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The only time I'd consider using different mailbox stores is when I have different storage needs, like different default quotas and such.
Agreed - Mailbox stores are not really used for simple organisational reasons - Don't think of them like OUs in AD for example.

You can organise your Exchange organisation using distribution groups etc, there is no need to separate the actual mailboxes into different stores.

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ChrisCranieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.
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