Blackberry's not syncing correctly with Exchange Accounts

I am the BES admin for my company.. I've been getting reports that people's Blackberry's are not syncing with their Outlook, meaning if they mark as read on one, it wont mark as read on the other, as well as deleting them..

running BES v4. and Exchange2k3... what causes this and how can I fix it other than recreating their account or having them manually Reconcile now?
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the thing which we did was a manual change on the black berry itself just go to services and applications on it then there is an option for sync blackberry or something like allow changes to occue just check that one and its all done.
let me try to find out the exact way for this meanwhile just try to find out this one if you can
klix01Author Commented:
Sorry cant find services and applications
I found applications but no sync options
try either of this will work
1)Go into your mailbox on the blackberry, go into the options.  Make sure wireless reconcile is on and set the delete on to promt, then save.  Then try deleting a message.  if it doesnt do anything go into the mailbox on the blackberry and go to the options again.  This time click reconcile now.

2)Also,  if you want messages to be deleted from Outlook when you synch
On the Handheld go into messages.  Click the Trackwheel and select Options.  Change the "Delete On" field to "Mailbox and Handheld".
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I've seen the read/unread status of messages take some time, are they just being typical impatient users? Also keep in mind when you delete something from your mailbox in outlook, it HAS to go to the deleted items folder in order for the BES to remove it on the blackberry. If you do the "shift trick" to just get rid of messages in outlook, they'll stay on the blackberry.

If this is affecting a lot of users AND they don't have an issue with recieiving emails etc then I doubt that it will be something on specific BlackBerrys.

We should start looking at the server.
Has this always been the case or has it just started happening recently?
How many users are on the BES? How many different Exchange servers serve the BES?

If this isn't happening to all users then is it possible all affected users are on the same Exch server (if you have multiple Exch servers)?

Is your BES on the same LAN as your Exch servers?
This is strongly recommended by RIM.

How hard is the BES working? Processor time etc?
Too many users can cause a degradation of performance and READ/UNREAD is one of the first things that would stop working correctly.

READ/UNREAD reconciliations are low priority and as such will only get processed when other high priority reconciliations have finished e.g. new emails, calendar appts etc.

If the BES is working too hard then it might always be processing high priority items and not have time to process low priority items.
Also if the BES and Exch servers are on different LANs then, because the BES uses UDP to send its updates to the Exch servers, maybe these UDP packets are being lost (this normally would give a situation where users receive "clumps" of emails rather than in real-time though)

Its also worth checking:
-the version of Exchange System Manager on the BES at least the same as what is on the Exchange server itself
-all permissions correctly set in ESM?

Good luck
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
If you are able to do a manually "Reconcile Now" and it updates correct it can be a device issue (or busy server).  You "may" find older devices have this issue but the latest versions are OK.  You can update firmware to correct this issue assuming that the device is at fault.  Now as a test what you need to do is:

Outlook Testing
1. Delete a test email from Outlook (Note: Emails need to remain in Deleted Items in order for BES to detect their deletion)
2. Mark some files read or unread
3. Press send & receive in Outlook
4. Wait up to 15 minutes and see if the changes are reconciled

- If these steps work it may indicate that Outlook isn't sending updates to Exchange causes the BES not see the changes.  Or is you are using Outlook 2007 it doesn't correctly update exchange until it is closed and then opened again.

Device Testing
1. Make some changes on the device or Outlook
2. Manually select "Reconcile now"

- If this works it may indicate that the server is busy (As David mentioned above) and the reconcile process is being delayed.  Or on some sites I have found some older firmware (mainly 8700 devices) can't reconcile correctly with BES 4.1.4.  If you are running older devices update the firmware on one of them and test the reconciliation again.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Also if your BES server is under heavy load or some users are on remote mail servers we can configure different mailbox agent to handle users depending on location etc.  A s an example this would allow a different agent to handle remote users which will prevent any latency issues affecting local users.   Post back if you need assistance with this.
klix01Author Commented:
Sorry guys.. i figured it out:
the CDO.DLL and MAPI32.DLL were older version than the one on exchange (i suppose that this is because of some uptade).

So i just copied them from exchange to BES did a reboot..and it worked!

thanks anyway!!!

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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
You shouldn't really just copy and register these files on the BES.  It is best to check if Exchange System Manager is running the same service pack as the mail server (e.g. Service pack 2).  If you right mouse click on the cdo.dll on the BES and select properties and then select the version tab you can see the SP installed.  Then once you are running the same service pack just run Microsoft update and it will detect the required patches and install the updated cdo.dll etc.  The reason why you shouldn't do it manually is due to future patches (e.g. DST) not being able to be installed correctly as it thinks you are running the correct service pack.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
<edit> "as it thinks you are running .." should have been "as it thinks you aren't running .."
klix01Author Commented:
Noted garycutri.

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