MY PS3 cant play PAL DVD Movies

I own a NTSC Playstation 3
and recently i tried to play a PAL DVD Movies ,
but it refuised to play the same by saying.... PAL Signlas not supported on this system.
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That's correct PAL isn't supported - your only output formats are NTSC and HD
Hmm ok where do I start. was gonna a simple answer and wound up takng about 45 minutes of more research. depending upon where you are located/purchased PS3 is to where this will work. I was checking some Euro forms and simple statement the PS3 will not convert the DVD from one format/region to another. So it will not convert a PAL DVD to NTSC format.

Now many PAL TVs though have a multiformat that support NTSC, PAL and RGB (via SCART). By owning a North American PS3 you would require a TV that supports both PAL (50/60Hz) which would then let you play the DVD Movies by a different input.

The PS3 supports PAL and NTSC. by saying it doesnt support a format will then remove other parts of the world from ever being able to use the system. The PS3 is also region free for its PS3 games.


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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
@Jstncase - the games are region free (that was always one of Sony's big marketing pitches - even though some independents seem to be pushing away from that) but the BlueRay/DVD playback is still region specific - isn't it??

From the playback format point of view I guess if you have a PAL (Jap or Euro) PS3 your chances of getting NTSC out of it are greater than trying to get PAL out of a US model.
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Yes the BlueRay/DVD are still region coded. And you are absolutely correct. TVs in Jap/Euro cost more, but at the same time give you a greater diversity, whereas the US has tons of TVs at various costs, only to find out it is missing so many features. Features the US feels they can do without because they haven't been exposed to them.
The only thing you're experiencing is region lock-out: anything with DVD footage is locked to it's DVD region (unless the DVD is region-free) - this includes not being able to play NTSC/J on a US PS2, let alone a PAL one.  Note that the movie format is a different kettle of fish from the region encoding: the PS3 (and PS2 for that matter) is very capable of displaying a region-free DVD which has PAL encoding.  The only thing you are hitting is DVD region lock-out which is a by-product of "correctly" supporting the DVD market.

I have to admit I wasn't aware (but am not surprised) that the BlueRay is still knee-capped in the same way. :(
Region coding is great.  Blu-Ray (not BLUE) supports region coding.
The most important thing about region coding is to prevent Grey sales.

That means if a movie cost 20 dollars for you to buy, but in another country it's only 10, you can't go out of your market to buy it.  you have to buy it from your market.  Buying outside of your market is the "grey market" ergo "grey sales"

Preventing this is actually a good thing.
(Off topic) Hehe, Apple was just fined for such "different market costs" in the UK. :)  Admittedly it was to do with music downloads being higher cost in the UK than elsewhere, but the principal is set.  As with DRM being thrown out of the window by all big four music labels (all supply unencumbered MP3 format now), I don't expect region encoding to last more than the next generation of media - it is the media that makes the difference here, though & downloadable video isn't quite mass-markettable yet.  Still, it's just personal opinion. :)
I have both a 80GB PS3 from Singapore, as well as a 60GB PS3 from the UK.

They have different hard-wiring, which prevents PS2 games, DVD's or Blu-Rays to be played from the wrong region. PS3 games are region-free.

They also swap the X and O buttons on the controllers, which is really confusing, as they are OK or Cancel, so its easy to accidentally to the opposite of what you expect.

They also have some different video output capabilities, with the Far Eastern version defaulting to 480i resolution instead of 576i.

I purchased the UK model because of these restrictions on the foreign unit. Now that it is connected to my AV receiver and 1080p TV, it all works so much better than the import.  In particular, playing upscaled DVDs (to 576p, with version 1.4 or higher of firmware) with optical audio to an AV receiver is fantastic, as is the quality of CD or other music, compared with my iPod playing the same music via the same AV receiver.
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