How to synchronize Windows Mail WindowsMail on two computers


Can any expert tell me how I can go about synchronizing my Windows Mail (also known as WM or WindowsMail) messages on 2 computers. In Outlook Express, this was possible by just copying the *.dbx files from  one computer to the other. How is this accomplished in Windows Mail on Vista?

Thanks in advance.
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Ensure bot clients are configured the same and then copy all files in the directoy that contains the message and database files usuallt %userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\windows mail\ to the same location on the other computer.

This should work. If not copy the following Registry keys from source computer to destination:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Mail

    This is the most important registry key and contains nearly all the settings and rules for Windows Mail.


    This key is kept for legacy purposes, but no longer contains much information. The Identities feature of Outlook Express has been removed in Windows Mail.


    This key contains some information on the default accounts. In Outlook Express this key held all of the account information. In Windows Mail, most of the account information is now in .oeaccount files in the message store.

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This page -- despite its name "oehelp" -- has information not only on Outlook Express but also Vista's Windows Mail.  There are two sections of the page that will be of help to you:

The first section is that beginning with this quotation:

Windows Mail
To backup and restore Windows Mail messages, make a copy of all the files in the directory that contains the message and database files. The location of the message store can be found via Tools | Options | Advanced | Maintenance | Store Folder  (the default is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\) and the location is also specified as the "Store Root" value under the Windows Mail registry key below

The second is that beginning with this:

Importing from Windows Mail to Windows Mail

To import from a previous backup of Windows Mail messages, go to File | Import | Messages and choose Windows Mail 7 format. Then use the Browse button to select the topmost directory, underwhich the folders are nested. Note the import bug above in Red. The path must be corrected by hitting the Browse button a second time and selecting nothing and then clicking on Okay. Then one can select all folders or just some of them. Note that one can import from a single directory of eml files as well, and the database files are not needed.
wesmanbigmigAuthor Commented:
Thanks fishadr - your solution was perfect! Thanks also LeeTutor, but your solution was for importing messages rather than synchronising them as per my question - but thank you anyway both of you.
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