Cant receive external email from an additional domain

Im new to this so sorry for a rookie question
I have 2 domains im trying to setup email for.
Running exchange 2003 on server 2003.
Whats happening is im not getting external emails for domain2.
Domain 1 works file sending and receiving.
Now i can send email from domain 2 with no problems. And Email from domain to domain works fine
I have checked and rechecked MX records and they seem fine.
Anyone have any suggestions?
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Did you add domain 2 into the recipient policy for Exchange?

If you are sending to Domain 2 from an external account, what do you get back in the Non-Delivery Report (assuming you have one)?

You need to run some basic tests to identify where the problem is.

Connect a client to the domain that is not receiving e-mail, send an email from this client to an external e-mail address you have access to. Such as a hotmail account. Check you get the mail and check the mail address is correct from the internal client (it might be configured to recieve or send as a different address). Try replying to the e-mail and check if this works. If this fails you need to try sending a test e-mail to the exchange server that is not receiving the e-mail as follows:

telnet server1 25 (replace server1 with the name of the server that you are sending to port 25 is the smtp listening service) if you do not get a connection then the server is not listening which is why you are not getting any mails - check the service is started. If you do get a connection type in
helo and press enter
type in
type in:
replace the with the full e-mail address of the client you are trying to send e-mail to
type in the command:
and press return
subject:Test message from telnet
press return
This is a test message
press return
type in a single full stop:
and press return

The smtp service will try and send a mail to the client. Check the event logs on the server for any errors.

If all this works it is probable that you have an issue with your mx records in dns. To check this go to an external client on the internet and type in nslookup
type in:
set type=mx
type in the mail domain of the server you need to check i.e.
DNS should point to where the mail is delivered for that e-mail domain. The IP address of the server should be the IP of the server you did the test telnet to. If not it may be a firewall device in between that is intercepting and blocking the mails - check this.
prophit4024Author Commented:
Domain1 and domain2 are using the same exchange server. The policy is setup. We can send emails from both domains without any problems. Domain1 can send and recieve just fine. Domain2 can send with no issues. When sending from an external account like hotmail it sends but does not give an error message. I have sent over 20 emails and not recieve a single error message. Mx records show the correct MX record is being pointed. Now thats also from a hosted website. Maybe my AD DNS is wrong but i have setup 2 MX records there as well. 1 for each domain. I'll check the logs now to see if i can get anything out of it.
My question now is if my AD DNS records are wrong how do i correct them. Current Domain1 is the actual domain. Domain2 is just a web and email domain. This is a snip of what my DNS looks like now.
Let me know if this helps.
(same as parent folder)	Start of Authority (SOA)	[1038], ptexchangesvr.printelogy.local., hostmaster.printelogy.local.
(same as parent folder)	Name Server (NS)	ptexchangesvr.printelogy.local.
(same as parent folder)	Host (A)
ptexchangesvr	Host (A)
ptexchangesvr	Mail Exchanger (MX)	[10]  ptexchangesvr.printelogy.local.
tls4biz	Host (A)
tls4biz	Mail Exchanger (MX)	[10]

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

AD DNS won't effect inbound mail.

If you use Telnet to send a mail into your system (to domain 2) does that flow in correctly?

If that does then we need to take a look at the public MX Record, and the connection to the mail server specified there.

Do you have anything in front to filter spam at all? Or just straight into Exchange?


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prophit4024Author Commented:
Well looks like maybe the exchange is messed up somewhere. I telnet in no problem. I do the EHLO command to either domains and i get an invalid address. But if i do just EHLO it shows all the 250 info.
when i try to do the mail from command i just get invalid address. heres the snip.
Please advise
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
250-ptexchangesvr.printelogy.local Hello []
250 OK
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
501 5.5.4 Unrecognized parameter
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address

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