Incorrect dates shown in Outlook Express but not Outlook IMAP


I have moved a clients emails from one server to another using imapsync, when I login to the new servers webmail (squirrelmail) the dates on emails are showing correctly, the same goes for Outlook - the problem occurs however when a client uses Outlook Express and the dates are all showing the date that they were syncronised. Please help.

Many thanks
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> however when a client uses Outlook Express and the dates are all showing the date that they were syncronised

Strange enough. I'm using OE 6 and just tested it on IMAP server (not POP3).
There are 2 possible 'Dates' there:

1)  when we view a list of all messages, there is a 'Received' date field.
2)  when we open a message there is a 'Date' in a header.

I have a message, that in a 'list' mode shows 10.01.2008 7:04, and when opened shows Date: 10.01.2008 5:30.

First date is from 'Delivery-Date:' field (open a message, Alt-Enter, choose Detail).
The second is from 'Date:' field, but tailored to my local timezone. Say if it has 'Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 11:30:56 -0800 (PST)' in a message header, it's shown as '10.01.2008 5:30', when I open it, because my timezone is GMT+10.


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make sure that the server and the client machines have a correct date set.

This is the easy path.
Venabili, my suggestion was tested before. I believe it's correct.
OE shows us 2 different dates in email messages.
I know it has 2 dates but I am not sure that synchronised and delivered are the same - at least they do not look the same here. Anyway - your explanation is as good as the Asker can get without more details, so I won't oppose an award
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