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Unreal Tournament 3 keeps crashing, Midway tecnnical support useless

lukeledbrook asked
Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum so hello! I have come accross this forum after been fobbed off by Midway support for the above game. Basically, they could no fix the problem. I'm now trying to do it myself. Ok, heres the details:

I have installed UT 3 and it crashes, randomly throughout the game, however always at the intro FMV. On the 2nd FMV, just before the girl (sister) runs off to start the one on one deatmatch. It does this in XP Sp2 and Vista.

My computer is not overclocked, nor is it a rubbish model. I have built it myself and have good stuff in there.

Any help would be great please!

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Ah so many thing that can might solve this.

1. Installing new videodrivers.
2. In some weird cases going back to older video drivers does the trick.
3. Can you see anything in windows's Event View ?
4. Re-install the game on another hard-drive
6. Is your pc clean (adaware, virus etc )

Or perhaps these links migh help?




Thanks for replying. I've got all the latest drivers, not tried rolling back drivers though. PC is clean, I'll check the other stuff when i get home tonight and see what i can see. I'm a computer Support technician so i'll try anything you throw at me, I've already tried most common fixes but getting no-where... :(

You got it running lukeledbrook ?


I had another call open regarding my RAID controller, it's looking like this is all related. I'm not sure how to 'link calls' so at the moment i'm just updating the other call i have entitled 'Suspected RAID corruption'

Please review this call as i think i'm just going to close this one


I have replaced the motherboard and so far the game has not crashed, however i have created another problem in UT3, now whenever i use Hardware Sound (X-Fi Extreme Gamer) the sound is corrupt, when i use software sound its ok?????

I can't win!!!

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