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Backup strategy

DHPBilcare asked
I am looking for advice with reference to a new backup strategy:

We are purchasing new servers as follows:

1 * Exchange server
1 * AD server

Both of these will be rack mountable.  In terms of backup my first thought was to go with a tape dive on each server and backup separately.  However would I be better off looking at external storage shared between the servers and simply backup from this.

On my current server I am using Symantec Backup Exec 11dExec and a Quantum Super Loader library.  
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Why would you want two tape drives if you only have two servers? what kind of amount of DATA are we talking? you should be able to managed to back both these servers up with a single tape drive.

If its speed then an external SAN or NAS might  be worth looking at, really does depend on how much data, speed of your network etc
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I would suggest reading over my backup comment.  It should be able to guide you appropriately.



Thanks for the comments.