RD1000 and Backup Exec 11d configuration

I have an issue getting BE 11d configured with the RD1000. I was assured by dell when we purchased the backup solution that it was integratable like a tape drive with this flavor of BE and that there should be no issues. Beyond that I have been unable to find a walkthrough -- tutorial -- or forum response that has adequately explained what needs to be done.

Server: Dell 2950
OS: Windows Server 2003 R2
Symantec Version: BE 11D
Removable media: RD1000 120GB cart.

That being said I can Inventory the drive and pass every time however when I catalog them i get this error:

"V-79-57344-33035 - Error - Mount failed.
Physical Volume Library Drive not found.
V-79-57344-33035 - Unable to acquire device for the specified pool and media"

I have read that the only way to currently get this to work is to use the backup to folder feature instead treating the drives as a "Tape Device" or other removable media.

So i have 2 questions:

1. Is there a step by step process documented to use the device correctly.
2. Is there a config step that i missed when i originally set this up. (I ran live update as well as download the latest drivers "BE7170RHF35_32bit_296286.exe" )

I have read the admin guide and verified that the device is supported via the compatibility list on the Symantec web site.

I appreciate all of your help. Let me know if there is another piece of info you need.
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Iamthecreator OMIT AdminCommented:
orciAuthor Commented:
I did that first. Unfortunately it still ends with the same result.
To use the RD1000 you will need to set up a "Removable Backup to Disk" device. Just create a new "Removable backup to disk" device and you should be fine. Every time you insert a new cartridge it will be detected.
Backup Exec does not treat it as a "Tape device".

One caveat is that you cannot use Backup Exec's GRT technology with removable disks. So if you're backing up a Microsoft Exchange Information Store, you will need to disable the option to "Enable restore of individual files and folders from the information store backup". You can find this option in the Exchange options of a job.

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orciAuthor Commented:

You are partially correct.
 I talked to Symantec and this is what they finally came up with.

The first thing you need to do is to set this up as a removable backup-to-disk folder;
In the Windows services window, make sure that the Removable Storage service is disabled and stopped; this represents a potential conflict.
The RD1000 will have to be set up as a removable B2D drive. When you do this, a folder structure (\VERITAS\B2D) will be created on the cartridge, and the \B2D folder will contain a pair of .CFG files ... Changer.cfg and Folder.cfg. Now, when you remove one cartridge and put in a fresh one, the new one will have nothing of the folder structure created on the first, so you'll have to rescan each time you change cartridges.
Once you have it configured, you'll probably find it desirable to set up an automated inventory job for the RD1000 as well as a MEDIA REMOVE alert (which should automatically clear in 1 minute).

Thanks for your help .... I added these notes to help anyone else in the future!!
orciAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help, I added more information to what you provided --Hopefully it will help someone else.....
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