Reload Windows 2000 Pro

Hello. I have been given the task to wipe and re-load Windows 2000 Pro on a few machines. I did 3 so far and after boot up at the "Please select operating system to start" prompt Windows 2000 Pro is listed twice, just like a dual boot setup.The first once listed is the correct one, selecting the second brings up a message about "a computer disk hardware config problem".  I deleted the old partition on each, created a new partition, with default 8mb unpartitioned space, and then reformatted with NTFS (they were originally FAT32).  How do I reload the OS to where there is no OS selection like a dual boot and Window 2000 Pro will start automatically?
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willcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Edit boot.ini.
ItSecureProAuthor Commented:
Thank you! It worked perfectly. I used the following link for reference:
FYI -- I almost didn't answer this question since it was a 50 point question from a premium services member. That's also the reason for the short answer.
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