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554: Recipient address rejected

HI Guys,
I have a very interesting scenario. Running Exchange on SBS2003.
I'm using SMTP and outlook as my client side. THe company uses general names as it has quite a large staff turnaround. I was tasked to create a new user that was 'upgraded' from one of the general users to his own personlised profile. The general user name is 'SEARCH', which was assigned to a new employee. I renamed the 'searc' profile to the usersname 'craig' and created a new user called search. THis way I would not loose any documents, mail settings etc. and it made it easier to keep the existing user. I then added another SMTP email address for the user, craig@mydomain.com, as I have done with the other users as well - aliases. For some odd reason I cannot email to this new address. I get the follwoing error:
craig@mydomain.com: host mydomain.com[***.***.***.***] said: 554

    <craig@mydomain.com>: Recipient address rejected: Please do not reply to

    this address (in reply to RCPT TO command)
I have deleted and recreated the address, but no luck. I also tried to create another new user called craig and by default the address was craig@mydomian.com, just to test and see, but this also did not work.
I'm at a dead end here, please let me know if someone else has experienced this.
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1 Solution
Do you have any kind of smtp gateway in place when emailing from outside?  Also, does the user have an x400 address and does he show up in the Global Address List?
JYLWestAuthor Commented:
I'm not 100% sure what you mean by:"smtp gateway in place when emailing from outside", though nobody from nowhere can email to this specific alias. I do have x400 address and it does show up in the GlobalAddress list, though the email account is not the alias, it's the default created by exchange when the user was created, i.e. CraigW@
Hrm.  By smtp gateway, I mean does email to your domain from the outside deliver directly to your SBS, or does it get delivered to another server (your ISP or a scanning service, for example) for filtering first?  I understand you can't send email to this address from the outside.  Have you tested to see if you can successfully send email to the alias by telnetting to the SBS server from your workstation?  If you haven't done it, it goes something like this on Windows XP:

Start - Run
Type 'cmd' and press Enter
(Now we telnet to the SBS ... we will use an example where your server's ip is
At the command prompt, type 'Telnet 25' and hit Enter
Type 'HELO' and hit Enter
Type 'Mail from:myaddress@mydomain.com' and hit Enter
Type Rcpt to:craig@mydomain.com' and hit Enter
Type 'data' and hit Enter
Type 'Test Test Test 123 Test' and hit Enter
Type '.' and hit Enter
Type 'Quit' and hit Enter to end the telnet session

If the telnet smtp message is accepted and delivered, you have proven that the smtp delivery is working fine on Exchange, and the next thing to look at would be any filtering server that receives the mail before Exchange on your SBS.  Let me know how it goes.

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JYLWestAuthor Commented:
HI Dan,

If I do ttry the telnet this is what I get:
220 server1.mydomain.com ESMTP
501 Syntax: HELO hostname
Mail from:jwest@mydomain.com
250 Ok
rcpt to:craig@mydomain.com
554 <craig@mydomain.com>: Recipient address rejected: Please do not reply to t
his address
JYLWestAuthor Commented:
HI, Found the problem previous administrator installed a linux proxy server to do certain spam collecting and this was blocking this particualr email address. Apearently they had the same user employed before which caused alot of spam. Thanks for the efforts.

I specifically asked if there was an smtp gateway in place, and that turned out to be the issue.  I think a 50/50 split of the points would be fair.
Force accepted.
Community Support Moderator
JYLWestAuthor Commented:
HI lollygagr,

Sure 50/50 sounds great to me. As stated I did not know at that stage myself.
Thanks for the help in any event.


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