2003 SBS Exchange server - Give a user Remote desktop access without making them an administrator.

Using SBS Exchange server, need a user to be able to use Remote desktop from home. But dont want to give them full administrator rights. Can't pinpoint the securities options to give the access without making them administrator.

Hope you can help

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you can create a distribution group with remote users and assign users policy on it that will aloow them to login remotely but wornt give administrator rights
Hello rutlandict,

First make sure you add the user the correct way via 'add user' wizard on the sbs server management console, and make him a 'mobile user'.
Then make sure you forward port 4125 to your sbs server so you can use the Remote Web Workspace.
If you joined the computer the right way via http://servername/connectcomputer you should be able to take over the pc remotely.
Rerun the CEICW (connect to the internet wizard) and make sure you create the correct certificate FQDN.yourdomain.com and open the necessary remote access options.



btw, does he need to take over the server, or his own pc?
Taking over the server is only possible by admins (2) because an sbs is always running in TS admin modus by default.


If you create the user the right way, and make him a mobile user, the user is automatically added to the remote web workspace users and will have access to the pc.
A remote access overview can be found here: http://sbs.editme.com/Remoteaccess


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rutlandictAuthor Commented:
whoops - I think we made an error her - my fault in telling James (who posed the Question) that is was our SBS server that we needed RD to work with.
It is a actually our W2003 server he is trying to delegate remote access to.

The SBS is our domain controller where the users are setup. The W2003 server is used as a file server and for RD.
All administrator group staff can RD into the 2003 server.
We want to add a user but not give him admin rights.So sorry for the redirection of the question at this satge  but things may need refining now to help James solve this and give the user RD acess to our W2003 server.

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