Problems with connecting to NLB Terminal Server Cluster

Hello Experts!

I have a problem with a Terminal Server NLB Cluster with the following specs:

1 SBS Windows 2003 R2 server with SP1
3 Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Servers with SP2
All servers and clients are connected to Cisco Switches.

Problem description:
The original configuration was 1 SBS server and 2 Terminal Servers, but since we implemended an 3th Terminal Server some clients can't connect directly to the NLB cluster( They get an error message "This Computer can't connect to the remote computer".

All clients using a Thin Client and they do not always get the message above. If I connect with my laptop to the NLB Cluster I get the same message.

The new terminal servers is exactly installed as the the other 2 terminal servers but the hardware is a slide different.

All servers are connected to the same switch and all ports are configured the same. I looked several times to the NLB Cluster but everything looks oke to me.

Can you guys help me out with this problem? If you need any specs just ask them.


Wesley Niels

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Hoi julsmann,
Is the new server configured with a single NIC? If there are two NIC's it's best to completely disable the Network Bridge component of the drivers. It's usually the advanced driver components that cause problems in Clusters.
Sander de C.
You want to make sure you have a metric on your NICs if you are using 2 so the client traffic does not go through the console NIC.  A higher metric (set 2 on console NIC and 1 on the Client NIC) means the connection is a higher cost and will not be utilized by default.  
When you added the new server to the NLB cluster, did you configure everything you could via the NLB Admin Tool and not through the NLB config on the NIC itself?  As a best practice I read you should avoid configuring things locally that can be done via the NLB Admin tool.  
Are you certain all of your configs are done as with the other 2 working servers?  Check port rules, order of IP addresses in the TCP/IP settings, etc...

Here is some troubleshooting stuff:

Can you do a dump of your TCP/IP config on the trouble server vs a working server too?  A nice way of doing so:
ipconfig /all > c:\serverIPCfg.txt
jhulsmannAuthor Commented:
Hello Redwulf_53 & BLipman,

Thanks for both reply's!

All 3 Terminal Servers have 2 NICS, but only 1 installed(1 disabled). I configged everything through the NLB Admin Tool and not on the NIC itself. The new server has the exact configuration as the other 2 Terminal Servers.

I found out that when I remove the new server, everything works correctly. I attached 2 text outputs of the "trouble server/SRV-COMPAGNON04" and the "working server/SRV-COMPAGNON02".

Hope you can find anything in it, thanks!

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Hmm, is this dutch?  LOL, I can make it out for the most part.  I am seeing 2 minor things that interest me.  First off, your node type is different between the 2 units: one is hybride (hybrid in English) and the other is onbekend (babelfish tells me this is "unknown"). this talks about an unknown netbios note type so it may get you on the right track.  

The other thing I see is that you have differences in your DNS and WINS entries between the systems.  I would standardize these (go off of the working server's config).  

Let me know if this helps...

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jhulsmannAuthor Commented:
Hello BLipman,

Thanks again for your provided solution! Haha indeed it's a server with dutch interface unfortunally, i'm better with english versions.

I changed all the IPconfig settings and as Administrator I had to know to check this first, my bad!
After i changed the settings and rebooted all the servers again it looks like the problem is solved.

So this post can be closed for now, it the problem occurs again I will reopen it again if possible.

Thanks a lot!

cheers Wes

ps. Of course all the points go to BLipman
Wes, jammer dan ;) tot vanmiddag -Sander
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