AAC + WI same server + Network Load Balancing

We are setting up our citrix environment and we have 2 servers for redundancy with AAC and Web Interface installed on both of them.  I need to setup windows load balancing on these servers.  I have been doing some research and it appears doing it this way will not use load balancing but will use fault tolerance and I am fine with that.  I just dont know what settings to use on the NLB setup.  I read that when you connect to a wi server that you have to stay connected to that same server and need to set this up in the nlb.  Can anyone help me out?

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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would highly suggest a hardware load balancer in lieu of NLB.  I have been ripping bad NLB implementations out of my client's networks recently.  If you do use NLB, try to use Multicast with IGMP (your switch and router must support IGMP).  You may also need static CAM entries and a static ARP route on the upstream router...still like the sound of NLB?  Say you use Unicast, you really want 2 NICs with one on a separate subnet (for private comms between NLB cluster nodes).  Unicast is prone to port flooding and has caused nightmares in 2 separate networks I have worked on just this month.  

I like the Barracuda line of Load Balancers, they are cheap and very, very easy to use.  Also, support is quite responsive.  I know the Cisco line of switches...almost a FTE to run one...F5 is probably as complex.  You can get a HA Barracuda setup for about $5000; closer to $2500 with a single unit and 3 years support.  
The added bonus here, you can also load balance many other servers depending on the model you get.  

Long story short, "free" NLB has cost some of my clients quite a bit of money in the end.  User downtime, my time, everyone's frustration...

Let me know if you want some good NLB config and troubleshooting links.  
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