How to monitor changes in file content?


I need to write a simple(?) component that will monitor the changes being made to a text file and notify them to registered listeners.

I have a process which writes data to a text file in the following way:

... //data

I want to monitor the file and get notified when certain lines are written (e.g. Start/End).

A quick google search yielded the FileSystemWatcher class but I don't think it fits since it only monitors file system events and not file content, but I could be wrong as I'm fairly new to C#/.NET.

Thanks for any help.

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Something like this..  Then when the changed event fires look in the file for the changes.

You will probably need to keep counter for start and one for end then when the file changes read the file and compare the counts.

static void Main(string[] args)
            FileSystemWatcher watch = new FileSystemWatcher();
            watch.Path = @"D:\tmp";

            watch.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.LastAccess | NotifyFilters.LastWrite | NotifyFilters.FileName | NotifyFilters.DirectoryName;

            // Only watch text files.
            watch.Filter = "*.txt";

            watch.Changed += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
            watch.Created += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
            watch.Deleted += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
            watch.Renamed += new RenamedEventHandler(OnRenamed);

            watch.EnableRaisingEvents = true;


        private static void OnChanged(object source, FileSystemEventArgs e)
            // Specify what is done when a file is changed, created, or deleted.
            if(e.FullPath == @"D:\tmp\p.txt")
                Console.WriteLine("File: " + e.FullPath + " " + e.ChangeType);


        private static void OnRenamed(object source, RenamedEventArgs e)
            // Specify what is done when a file is renamed.
            if (e.FullPath == @"D:\tmp\p.txt")
                Console.WriteLine("File: {0} renamed to {1}", e.OldFullPath, e.FullPath);

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ajnyAuthor Commented:
Hi Colemss,

Thanks for your quick reply!

I was hoping there's a better solution.

As I wrote, I'm already aware of the FileSystemWatcher class and its usages.
What I'm trying to write is a generic file watcher that can detect an arbitrary pattern (regex) being written to a file.

Using FileSystemWatcher will force me to re-read the file every time or (more likely) to keep track of where I stopped the last time and seek to that location before the next search.
Although these approaches will work, I was hoping there's a way to hook the monitor on the write operation (in a sense like a filter), so it can "see" what's about to be written to the file.
The only way I can imagine doing this would be with some sort of system hook.  It would require win32 dll hooks.  Most likely you will find c++ examples.  These would be undocumented Microsoft core hooks.  Unless this is  a major deal its probably not worth doing.  I have never seen any examples of looking at the data before or during a file write. It would be interesting.
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You can create a  unix tail function equivalent  in c# there is already one done.
By a  FileSystemWatcher object you may check your file and determine any changes, check whether it contains Start/End blocks by Tailer class.

If you interested, check this link.
That is the full source to my first suggestion.  I would try it. But it is using FileSystemWatcher.
He has to use a timer or a filesystemwatcher to monitor changes. I believe a filesystemwatcher will have a better performance.
ajnyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, guys.

I'll wait a little while to see if someone can come up with a better solution before I resort to FileSystemWatcher.
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