How to save configuration to file for back-up

I have ASA 5505 and even though my abilities seem way to light for it, I do love this thing. I am getting the handle on it but have detstroyed a functioning configuration last night and I hate wasting time.

I know that the configuration can be saved to a file but I can't get my brain around HOW the individual steps work. The explaintions in the Cisico documentation are spread out over several documents and I was hoping somebody here has a step-by-step explanation how to save and then restore if I goof it up again
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Firstly you need a tftp server to send the data files to. Solarwinds do a very good free one for windows which you can download at

Then it is simply a case of choosing to write the configuration to a tftp server from the ASDM tool and enter the IP address of the machine the server is installed on, and a filename to save to.
vtoalAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I had not had the time to read though all the documentation and was not aware I needed that type of server. Thanks for pointing me to a free one, free is always good!
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