Granting a machine account access to a share

Is it possible to grant a machine account permissions to a share, like you would with a user account?
We would like to give permissions to a machine account so anybody who logs on would have access to that share as defined by the machine account. I notice you can add a machine account under sharing and security. But it doesen't seem to work.
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It is possible. what OS are you using?

if you want anyone to be able to logon to that share, you could even add the group "everyone".
duaneh1Author Commented:
Windows XP and 2000
ok, i'm assuming you are not on a domain. Are your computers in the same workgroup?

duaneh1Author Commented:
No we are on a domain, 2000 domain. When you share out a folder, you can specity domain accounts or machine accounds, when we give the machine account full access, both share permissions and ntfs permissions, and you logon to that machine, you don't get access unless the user account has permissions, I was wondering if you can give a machine account access to a share, and if someone logs on locally to workstation, would they have access based on the machine accounts permissions?
No, that's not possible, sorry.
Permissions are always tied to an account, not to a "machine" on which a user is logged on. Adding the machine account to the permissions would only allow progranms running in that machine's System security context access to those network resources.
The only thing you can do that achieves something similar is to create a domain account that may only logon to this machine, give this account permissions to the share in question, and let the users use this account to logon to this machine.

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