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How do I get a Winterm ICA Session to Print to an IP-Based Network Resource?


We have a remote office that has no network servers or real infrastructure, outside of a Router/Firewall device that does our DHCP services. We have several static IP-based printers around the office that folks print directly to. While most of the office is still on "fat client" pc resources, on of our users has been moved over to a Wyse Winterm 3125SE device. Given her needs, this is a perfect fit as a resource. Our main office hosts a Citrix Presentation Server farm, where she connects to all of the key resources, programs and data files she needs.

Our only problem is getting her connected to the IP-based printers from that Winterm device in her local office. That subnet is on the 172.16 schema, our main office environment is on the 192.168 setup. She's got a local printer attached via Parallel Cable that's been setup to work in the ICA sessions and does just fine.

My question is....how do I get her connected each time she starts an ICA session to the local IP-based printers? I know on the fat-client PC's there, I can issue a "net use" command and that will bind the Printer IP address to an LPT port and function just fine. What are my options with her setup?


1 Solution
Usually on thin clients, you can configure connection to an IP printer (on the Winterm/Thin client device itself) by a printers control panel option (on the device).

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