Referencing a field from another tab in a window

I have a window with 2 tabs (tabfirst, tabsecond)

tabfirst has a couple of fields all referencing one table in the database (tableone).
tabsecond same thing, and referneces 2 tables (tableone and tabletwo)

I'm trying to make it such that when user is on tabfirst and changes the value from a drop down window (child datawindow) then 2 drop down windows from tabsecond are reset.

I don't know how to reference tabsecond while i'm in tabfirst.

typically if all 3 dddw were in one tab it would be in itemchanged() and i could just use a choose case to reset drop down datawindows for the 2 fields depending if 1st field is modified.

but i have those 2 fields in another tab. so how do i reference those fields while itemchanged() in tabfirst?

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If you have have on a window Tab control 'tab_1' with two tabs 'tabpage_1' and 'tabpage_2' you can simply reference from the dw_1 on the first tabpage_1(itemchanged event) second dw_2 on tabpage_2 as:

/*** ItemChanged Event ***/
string                    ls_data
long                       ll_row, ll_rows
datawindowchild  ldwc_yourcolumn2

/* First tabpage/DW */
MessageBox('ItemChanged', 'tab_1.tabpage_1.dw_1.row = ' + String(row) + '/data = ' + data)

/* Get child on the second tabpage/DW */
tab_1.tabpage_2.dw_2.GetChild('yourcolumn2', ldwc_yourcolumn2)
ll_rows = ldwc_yourcolumn2.RowCount()
ll_row = ldwc_yourcolumn2.Find("yourcolumn2= '" + data + "'", 1, ll_rows)

MessageBox('tab_1.tabpage_1.dw_1.ItemChanged', 'tab_1.tabpage_2.dw_2.row = ' + String(ll_row))

tab_1.tabpage_2.dw_2.SetItem(tab_1.tabpage_2.dw_2.GetRow(), 'yourcolumn2', data)

badtz7229Author Commented:
Hi, I would like it so that when the first dddw in tab1 is modified or selected then the other 2 dddw in tab2 appear blank on the window for the user and the user will only see the corresponding values when he/she clicks drop down arrow.
i have the following in tab1 itemchanged()

CHOOSE CASE GetColumnName()
      CASE "div_id"
      ll_divid = long(data)
      idwc_sub.retrieve ( ll_divid )

      tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.subid[row]       = 0
      tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.respid[row]       = 0


unfortunately, this is making those 2 dddw in tab3 appear 0 to user. when i tried
string isnull

tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.subid[row]       = isnull
tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.respid[row] = isnull

I get the following error msg:
"Type mismatch accessing external object property subid at line 10  in itemchanged event of object dw_1 of w_test"

The dataype of divid, subid, and respid are numbers.
i've done this before setting dddw to null. don't understand why this is happening ?
You are saying that fields *id are numbers but variable isnull is a STRING.

Instead of:
tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.subid[row]       = 0
tab1.tabpage3.dw_3.object.subid[row]       = isnull

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badtz7229Author Commented:
I realized that. that was exactly my problem. so i just changed
string isnull
long isnull

and that worked.
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