How can I import and export AD?

I am building backup Domain Controller Server. But I do not want to manually do setting of Active Directory users and computers. Is there any way I can import AD from my current Domain Controller and export it to backup Domain Controller? Thanks
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kfsmyth515Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you promote the second server as an additional DC in an existing domain, (there will be an option in dcpromo) you dont have to create anything. It may take a while, but DC1 will automatically replicate everything to DC2.

There is no need to do that.  Active Directory does all that work for you on it's own.  What you will do is build the server, then when its ready run dcpromo from the run window.  Dcpromo will make it a domain controller and replicate all AD info from one domain controller to the other.
Phucnguyen01Author Commented:
Thank you so much.
Forced accept.

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