Jetdirect using DHCP

Right now I have three printers using JetDirect... one older JetDirect EX, one internal in a 4050tn, and one in a 2015dn. Right now they all have static IP addresses and the workstation print to an IP. I want to use DHCP. Can LPR be used to print to a JetDirect? All my other networked printers I can print to a node name. If I use DHCP what happens if the printers assigned IP address changes? What is the correct way to print to a JetDirect when using DHCP?
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
The best way to do this is to create a DHCP reservation.  This will allow you to set the printer to use DHCP so that you can change the IP address at any time that you need to without going to the printer. At the same time, it ensures that the printer always gets the same IP address that you have designated so that you won't have any problems with workstations losing their connections because the printer IP has changed.  If you haven't ever used DHCP reservations, look in the DHCP management console - you'll see an object called "Reservations." You need to have the printer's MAC address handy to create the reservation.  You add a reservation for each printer and assign an IP address within your DHCP scope - of course you need to ensure that it is one that is not already being used by something else. Or, if you want to use an address that is already in use, you need to turn off the device that is using it, create the reservation and then turn the other device on again and force it to release and renew so that it will get a different IP address.
comteksoAuthor Commented:
So I have to use IP addresses for the JetDirects? I have several Canon copiers that have network cards built in as well as several Brother laser printers with cards built in. With them I create an LPR port using the name of the device so no matter what  IP addess is assigned the printer I can print to it. I am almost certain that at one of our remote sites we have an HP K550tn that I created a port using the printers hardware address.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You might be able to use LPR, although I've never done it that way with a JetDirect card.  I know that the "standard" way of setting up these printers is to use TCP/IP.  And I know that the printers work well the way I described (using DHCP reservations) and I do not have any connectivity issues with them. Of course, I also set up Canon and Ricoh multi-function copier/printer/scanner machines the same way rather than using LPR, so I suppose I have a distinct prejudice in that direction. The only time I've used LPR is with older Canon models that use LPR as a standard rather than TCP/IP.
comtekso, LPR is one of 2 protocols used over TCP/IP to talk to printers. The other is known as "raw", "Port 9100" or "AppSocket". With LPR you need to know the name of the "remote queue", with port 9100 that concept does not exist. JetDirects support both of these protocols.

Note that LPR uses port 515.

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