How-to configure Password expiry banner in OWA 2003

we have a exchange 2003 SP2 FE/BE topology. all works fine.

we have enabled a group policy and one of the settings is the password expiry notification. that works fine too.

except in OWA, we need to prompt our OWa users with such a Password expiry banner.

how can i enable that?
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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like I say, I've done some OWA scripting, so let me know if you get stuck.  There's an explanation of the ADSI method here, with a complete script at the end:
It will be necessary to ignore all the WScript references, and just use response.write at some point.  That lot would go on the server end, and probably be called by a window.onload() function inserted into one of your OWA's .js files.  You would use the alert() function to display a message if the password is near to its expiration date.
There's nothing built-in to do this, and it would be extremely difficult to code yourself.  The only people I know of that do extensive OWA modifications are:
I've no idea if your password notification is a feature of the product, but it might be worth asking them.
boxexpertAuthor Commented:
if the password expiry notification works fine,then it shouldnt be too hard to implement this in OWA as well,right?

i ve heard from many that it is possible, but it takes quite some configurations
I don't think it would be too difficult if you were good with ADSI and JavaScript.  You would need the JavaScript skills to provide a way of making a change to the GUI, and the ADSI skills to get the password information out of AD.  A good bet (if you don't get any other suggestions) would be to go over to , and see if someone will do it for you.  My own knowledge in these two areas is rather slight, unfortunately.

On the other hand, if you already know someone who's done it, I would love to find out how.  I've done some modest OWA changes:
but nothing as ambitous as this.
boxexpertAuthor Commented:
ok, i will see what i can do.

we have a very good scripting guy in our company,maybe he can do it.
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