DELL 360 -Keyboard beeps when pressing the keys

Why is it that my keyboard beeps whey I press the keys.  I checked the keyboard and it's free from dirt, no keys are pressed down.  When I am in MS Word for instance, when I back space, it only back space once, or if I hit the delete key, it only deletes the word once, it does not go on all the way.  How can I get rid of the beep sound when I am typing?  How can I turn this annoying beep?  Please advise, thanks.
This is a Dell 360 Laptop.
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Found This. May Work?

To disable Keyboard Click, perform the following:

Press [FN] + [F1] to enter the Setup program.
Press [ALT] + [P] (both at the same time) to go to the second page.
Highlight Keyboard Click: and press the [Right arrow] key (->) to set
it to Disabled.
Press [ESC] to exit the Setup program.
Now the keyboard will not emit a beep tone when you type.

This will work on inspirion systems

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Also found this. PS I do not have a Dell.

While the system is booting, Function F5 will show you a list of keyboard functions available - maybe?
alopez1104Author Commented:
I was able to get rid of the beep sound by going to the Accesability Options/Settings for FilterKeys/Notification and unchecked the Beep when keys pressed or accepted and Show filter keys status on screen.  That got rid of the sound.  The only problem right now is the arrow key.

The arrow key does not go down to the end of the page when it is pressed down.  It only goes one line and it stops there.  I am assuming that the keyboard itself is bad.   By the way, this is a docking station.  So maybe this is not the keyboard on the laptop itself bu the keyboard attached to the docking station.
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