What's the cheapest way to ensure that your local PC harddrive is backed up on a daily basis?

1) What's the most inexpensive way to ensure that your local PC harddrive is backed up on a daily basis?;

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The Amacom flipped disc or Easy disc are cheap external drives that can be used for backing up internal drives.
.....They both come with backup software that is easy to use.  The flip to disc is designed for laptops so you can swap the harddrives if required.

I have also used ViceVersa which is excellent for backing up only your important files or keeping drives synchonised.
bilibpottopAuthor Commented:
Thanks Millenuimaire for your solutions.

When you say external drive, do you mean memory sticks and floppy disks?

Im thinking yes..but i may be wrong.. i have a 8GB Sony Microvault. Could this suit my purposes of backing up my favorite links and some document files?

What if i wanted to keep a daily backup of each day...whats the best way to go then when i dont want to overwriting the previous days? Do i need a very large harddrive?
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No, these are not memory sticks.  Both these devices contain hard drives, the same type of drive in your PC, however they are easy to remove hence thename.  If you use imaging software (like Ghost) which creates a perfect copy of your PC drive onto one of these external drives you could simply switch the drives should your PC drive fail.

If your more interested in backing up only documents etc each day rather than the whole disk you could use a re-writeable dvd drive providing your total data is less than 4.7gb (the capacity of a single layer dvd).  You could then use a different dvd each day and eventually reformat them so then could be reused.  Obviously if you have more than 4.7gb of files this wouldn't work unless you invested in a dual layer dvd writer which would increase the capacity to about 8.5gb per dvd.  The downside to using DVD's is they are a little slow.

If speed is an issue then Amacom flip2disc may be your solution.  If using imaging software you would need to get a hard drive per day which would be expensive.  If you are only interested in backing up document files you could get a large hard drive and and create multiple partitions, one per day or a single partition with a directory per day.  You would then have to setup your backup software to use each partition/directory.
For details on the drive try the following link:

bilibpottopAuthor Commented:
thx for your help thus far...

what about backing up my hard drive at DriveHQ.com?

please refer to this link to check out the provider if you are not aware of their services http://www.drivehq.com/Backup/?srcID=9600

Do you know of a better free or low-cost online provider.

What are pros and cons of backing up online?

Would you recommend it?

I've never used an online backup service so I can't really give advice or recommend anyone.  I guess the issues you need to consider are the following:

1. How trust worthy are they?  You are trusting them to safeguard your data.
2. Transfer speeds may be a big issue for large amounts of data.  Even at 8mbps this is very slow compared to usb transfer speeds of 480mbps.  Even transferring across a local network (to a network drive for example) should be possible at 100mbps, still a lot faster than internet transfer speeds.
3. I suspect you wouldn't be able to use the to backup an image of your disk drive(s).
4. It wouldn't be possible to boot your PC from an internet backup!


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bilibpottopAuthor Commented:
it would be great a first-hand user comment on online backup providers...but the alternative boot argument clinched it and made me decide to go for an offline hard drive to backup
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