How do I correct a problem with a fax machine sending out faxes all black?

We have a particular fax machine here, Brother IntelliFAX 2750, that when someone faxes out, the recipient of the fax gets nothing but a solid black page.  I will remind you that this is an intermittent problem.

It was believed to be an issue of static electricity causing the problem and the following steps have been attempted to correct it but, at present, have not been successful.

Anti-static spray of the carpet in the area of the fax machine
Anti-static mat has been placed underneath the fax machine.
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The CIS (Contact Image Sensor)unit (or scanner unit) is the problem, its the part that copys the document for transmitting . This is separate from the printer unit which will print out a copy of a received fax.
techsmileAuthor Commented:
In light of this knowledge, we've decided to go ahead and look into replacing the machine all together.  Thank you for the assistance
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