DirectX .X files with

I have a app in Visual Studio 2008 that I need to add a small amount of 3D graphics to.  I have the newest Directx SDK.  I am familiar with VB but new to Directx.

I am able to make shapes and graphics from within the app by defining vertices etc, but these are just simple shapes.  What I would like to do is import the .X files I have made from 3DS Max into my VB app.  

I have seen references online to a D3DXLoadMeshFromX method, but I do not see it anywhere in the Directx SDK, and all examples I see attempting to use this method are in C++.  Could I get some help on how to use my .X file in my VB app?! Thanks.

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hi andyfett

here is an example:

andyfettAuthor Commented:
Actually both of those links are for Directx 8 and it looks like VB6...

I notice they use the  LoadMeshFromX() method, which looks like what i'd want,  but I don't see that anywhere in the new SDK...
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oh sorry your right. the Mesh-class has a static member-method called FromFile

Mesh m = Mesh.FromFile( "file.x" ...

here is the doc:

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andyfettAuthor Commented:
I have attached a sample .X file here.  I would love to see how this is loaded into a DirectX9 app if possible.  Thanks.
andyfettAuthor Commented:
Thanks ikework, mesh.fromfile() is exactly what I was looking for and got me on the right track.

Another good example is the "progressive meshes" example at

p.s. your last example was C# not VB :)

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