Pre Populating OWA 2007 documet access?

Hello, We are looking to use the new document access features within outlook web access 2007.
Most of our users dont know anything about what servers they are on and folder locations etc.
Is there anyway to pre populate the locations in OWA 2007 with either the users home drive set in ADS or something like \\server\users\%username% ??


Dave J
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UbuntopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per MS Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 16 of 24): There is no way to pre-populate these favorites.

But, there is a convoluted workaround.

It is a PITA, but here is a link that describes what you are asking for.  You should be able to tie-in the %username% without much effort on this script.
oldhammbcAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for that!!


Dave J
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