Generate columns dynamically based on different parameters

Okay! this one is tricky, I am working in Reporting Services (SSRS-2005). In the report generated, i want to display values on different columns according to different dates based on the dataset. In the SP i have done the back-end part, like my SP is returning values of one day, 2 days, three days, five days, and a month. The Date parameter is being filled by view (1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5days, Month)

Now, my issue is how do i populate the columns according to the user choice. i.e. 1 day, 2 days...month. I don't have an option of Groupby as well, since i have to populate
columns now. Groupby only helps to populate rows.

Please suggest.

p.s. attached is image file showing the columns "date(settled and pending)" needs to be generated dynamically. Currently there is only one column for date.
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shobhitdixitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry, my bad! i should have given some justification to this before requesting a delete.

I did this my way by showing and hiding columns according the parameters passed. Anyways thanks!
Do you want to have report with table whare there is variable number of columns?
If ihisis a case I know only one solution. Create multiple tables witch different dasources and bind it together. I know not about any dynamic column create in report.

Other solution can be to generate "maximal" datasource which will contain nulls in unused columns. Than you can hide coumns by expression based on report parameters.

Please describe more so I can (may be :) )create more specific colution for you.
patriktConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I complain. Asker received answer but not responded. He should respond and state what was wrong on the solution or why it is not related to problem. Delete question is not correct.

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