Outlook: email addresses are shown wiht apostrophe mark on the sent folder

Hi Experts,

Outlook 2003: Can some one tell me why an email addresses (same one) is shown sometime with apostrophe (') and sometimes without?
When I search in the sent folder for items which have been sent to a unique email address I can see two groups: items under: name@domain.com and name@domain.com.
I have tried to fix it, cleaning the NK2 (cache), I have uncheck the box "automatic name checking" on tools/options/e-mail options/advanced email options, unsuccessful.

Thank you for any feedback

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TWBitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you initiate an email to a user and type their full email address (or select the full address from the cache), instead of adding it from the Contacts list or by name resolution, then Outllok encapsulates the address in apostrophes.  Replying to an email do not do this, only when you are the one to create it.
leonardinho1Author Commented:
Thank you for your comment. Now I know it!
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