Illustrator CS3 & Leopard, Text Slowness, Freezing

Adobe claims in their Leopard compatibility pdf that Illustrator CS3 works with Leopard. This is as true as the statement that Photoshop CS3 works with Leopard. The 10.5.2 update seemed to fix most issues with Photoshop, but Illustrator is still buggy.

1. Has anyone else experienced any problems with Illustrator CS3 in Leopard? Anytime I select any text (whether with the text tool or with a double click from the black arrow selector), the program slows down and the text responds with a delay, sometimes freezing for minutes. I found something online about HP drivers being the problem. I removed them but am still having the problem. Problem exists in 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. The problem happens in any AI doc where I have any text, regardless of whether there is a lot of text or just one line and one font, so it's not a memory/paging/preview issue.

2. Another problem I am having is that many of my vendors claim that they cannot open any EPS that I export. I've tried exporting them is EPS AI 8 thru CS3. I never had this problem with CS3 in Tiger with the same vendors, so I don't think it's the vendors' software.

Other information: I am using Font Agent Pro and Managing System Fonts. I have tried restoring and un-managing system fonts with no effect. I have scanned all my fonts for corrupt fonts, all fonts are ok. All Apple and Adobe updates are current.

Mac Pro
Intel 2 x 2.66 Dual-Core Xeon
OS 10.5.2
All Adobe Updates are current.
All Apple Updates are current
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Tom RayCommented:
do continue to select text in the same font family? does this happen when selecting text that is in another font family? could be a corrupt font, although unlikely. most corrupt fonts wouldn't let you get as far as you have. but you may want to try changing the font to something else and see if you still have the issue.

is it just this one document displaying the issue?

have you tried creating a new bank document and adding text to it? same problem?

do you have another program (indesign, quark, freehand, etc...) to try adding text to? this would either confirm or eliminate illustrator as the problem depending on the results.
uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
Problem exists in all Illustrator files, old and new. It exists in files that use one font and files using many fonts. Problem only exists in Illustrator, and only since Installing Leopard. Photoshop is fine. Not running InDesign or Freehand.
uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
From what I can tell from some very thorough research, it comes down to one or both of the following issues below. However, it is my opinion that it is Adobe that the burden lies with. Only Adobe can fix this by releasing some updates for CS3 that address these issues specifically.

1. Font problem: start deactivating all fonts systematically until problem is resolved. And/or Uninstall or find updates for font management apps if they are being used.

2. It's a 10.5.2 updater problem. Apparently, many users have experienced problems with 10.5.2 when they have installed it from the Apple Software Update utility. Instead, download the Combo Updater to your hard disk, and run the installer manually over your current installation of 10.5.2. Download it here: 

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