DNS clean up question

I am running a Windows 2003 domain in native mode.
today I had two pc names not resolving to the correct ip address.

Could someone tell me how to keep the DNS clean and up todate?
Could you explain in simple terms:
clear cache,
set aging/scavenging all zone,
update server data files
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:



The Cache doesn't have any relevance on the server side for queries within the servers own Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones.

It is important for the clients, but for most internal things you won't need to bother with it. If you do, "ipconfig /flushdns" will clear it out (so will rebooting).


Aging determines how quickly a record in DNS becomes stale. It normally works best to set this so the two values equal your DHCP Lease time (when you add them together).

They run one after the other, No-Refresh then Refresh. The first value is there to reduce the impact of DNS Record replication (stops clients refreshing the record for however many days you set).

If a client Refreshes the record during the Refresh period then the counter starts all over again in the No-Refresh interval.

At any point during this the client can Update their own record (if their IP changes, for example).


Scavenging is the process that goes through your zones deleting any record marked as Stale according to your Aging Rules. I recommend you set that to run automatically every day on one of your DNS Servers (Properties for the server, Advanced).

Update Server Data Files:

Doesn't apply to AD Integrated Zones, but forces the server to write changes it's stored in memory back to the files (if you were using a Standard Primary zone).



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