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Wrap text around round object


Could you tell me how I can wrap text around an object. I am creating a logo with a picture of a basketball and would like to wrap text around the top of the basketball and at the bottom of the basketball. Is it better to use illustrator or photoshop in doing this and if so, how do I do it? In photoshop I tried using the "warped text" but the letters are not wrapping around the basketball tight enough. I can't get the letters to arch enough. I'm fairly new at illustrator, so I'm lost there. The basketball image is transparent. Thanks for all your help.
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Tom RayCommented:
photoshop will (ultimately) rasterize your text.

you'll want to use illustrator for this. illustrator will not rasterize the text, therefore keeping it sharp and clear no matter what size the text is. here is a simple, easy tutorial on wrapping text around an image in illustrator.

you can warp the text using illustrator

that is the icon just on the right side of the text color selector. if your text tool is active, that is the 2nd icon from the right.

you can use the arc.

oppss.. sorry.. i mean photoshop..

you can warp the text using photoshop*
David BruggeCommented:
You are referring to wrapping text and warping text at the same time. We need to all agree of our terms before we can agree on a solution:

MOST of the time, wrapping text refers to a block of text set as a paragraph thats margins adjust to allow text to flow around an object.

Warping text refers to distorting the shape of the letterforms themselves to achieve a special effect.

And text on a line, refers to setting text other than in a straight line so that the baseline of the type conforms to a shape.


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