Citrix presentation server 4.0 profile doesnt maintain outlook settings

we have a farm with citrix 4.0 servers. We have 1000 users , but one user when he logs in via web interface sets a signature in outlook and saves his profile and logs out. When he logs back in his outlook signatiyre doesnt exist and he has to try again. Seems like the roaming profile doesnt maintain his settings? Shall i try to rename his profile and let him log in Citrix and try again ?
Any ideas ?
(I forgot to tell you this is the worst user an IT dept could possibly support) any ideas to fix his issue would be appreciated.
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Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
Are you using the Terminal Server Profile?  If you do not have a TS profile then assuming you are load balancing then they hit one server and then go to the next then the settings are being stored on each server rather than a TS profile (I set this up on a network share).  The TS profile can be setup from the user's profile in Active directory or from a group policy for all of your citrix users.
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