How do you set up a VPN from a server to a laptop used outside the office?
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ssultConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have solved this problem, we had set up the VPN correctly, the employee did not have their wireless device set up right.
You need to give more descriptions.
OS of the server
OS of the laptop
VPN type, namely PPTP, Cisco, Checkpoint...

VPN is usual from laptop to server and not the other way around - are you asking about remotely control the laptop from the server?
ssultAuthor Commented:
ok, let's try this again.  I need to have an outside laptop link to our Server  to do inputing of files.  We are useingCisco.   I have already created a VPN on the laptop, but at this time the user cannot login to the system.  I am sorry if this sounds untechnical, but this is all I know.
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