Basic Windows Server 2008 Networking Question

I'm trying to bring up Windows Server 2008 to verify that some software we developed still works there, but the basic networking functions I'm used to on Windows Server 2003 don't seem to be around - things like My Network Places, where I can right-click, select "Search for Computers, " and find another computer on the LAN.

My 2008 server is connected to a LAN and gets out to the Internet ok, and other computers on the LAN can find the 2008 server (by right-clicking their "Search for Computers" and entering the computer's name) but I don't see any way to get the 2008 server to find other computers.

Thanks for any help.
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Hi pfeinber,

Start, Network, Turn on network discovery and File sharing. Now your server will see network and other computers will see your server. Which OS is on other computers?



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Click Start, right click Network from the Start Menu, click Explore.  You will probably get a popup telling you to turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing.  To get the My Network Places on your Desktop, right click the Desktop, Click Personalize, under Tasks, click Change desktop icons.  

Let me know if this is not what you were looking for.  
stevaAuthor Commented:
None of the above solved it, but  I finally got it working by setting the workgroup on the Windows Server 2008 machine to match the workgroup set in the other machines on the network. Then the other machines show up in the Windows Server 2008 Network folder.  Apparently there is no "Search for Computers" function in Windows Server 2008, that goes across workgroups and finds whatever it physically attached to the network, as there is in Windows Server 2003 and XP.  The XP machines on the network, for example, were able to find the Windows Server 2008 machine, even though the workgroups were different.     Apparently the discovery in Windows Server 2008 only looks in the workgroup assigned to the Windows Server 2008 machine.

Anyway, thanks for the discussion, that got me thinking along the path to a solution.  I split the points among you.
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