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Does anyone know of an easy way to copy users and information from an OU in Active Directory to a Text file
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themightydudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe LDIFDE is what your looking for.

There is a nice tutorial on how to export AD information to a text file here:,289483,sid1_gci1187396,00.html

LDIFDE can be used to dump your entire AD or just a certain OU.

Hope that helps.
What information are you looking for?  Name address zip code..Stuff like that?
Or are you looking for last log on, last time changed passwor, etc?
The easiest way is to  right click on the OU and select export
I need to build a Staff Email Directory. I have a security group/distribution list on Exchange that all Staff are member of.  I wanted to export the Names and Email Addresses from every member of the Group (lets say the name of the group is Domain_Faculty)  THat's it.  I probably could have typed them all by now!  I find it astonishing that there is not an easy to use tool available for these types of things.  I'm sorry but command line is a PITA  Thanks for the help!
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