C++Builder 2007 - Unable to open file 'DBTABLES.OBJ'

I am attempting to upgrade from C++Builder 5 to C++Builder 2007 and I have run into problems re-building a component.  I am getting the error:
[ILINK32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'DBTABLES.OBJ'

DBTABLES.OBJ was not added to my computer during the installation.  Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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George TokasCommented:
Hello Adrian...:-)
For as far as my experience tells me (BCB2006) MOST of the files are allready installed BUT NOT where we want them...
Check out the installation subdirectory for that file and if you don't find it then you should find the relevant .pas file...
BUT ALSO this has to do with tables (BDE or something..)
So just delete the tables - if there are in BCB2007 form - and add them again from the new component palette...
Unfortunatetly even though I'm taking part on the field tests for Codegear I was unable to test as thourough as I should...

George Tokas.

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AdrianSRUAuthor Commented:
I was able to find the library.  The error message is not very good because I was able to satisfy the linker by including bdertl.bpi.  If anyone has similar issues I have been able to map the following messages to the required packages:

Unable to open file 'DBTABLES.OBJ' - include bdertl.bpi
Unable to open file 'DB.OBJ' - include dbrtl.bpi
Unable to open file 'VDBCONSTS.OBJ' - include vcldb.bpi
Unable to open file 'DESIGNEDITORS.OBJ' - include designide.bpi
Unable to open file 'TYPES.OBJ' - include rtl.bpi

George, I have another quick question for you if you don't mind me adding it to this existing post.  I have been using the Crystal Reports 8.5 VCL component in my program and my main reason for upgrading Builder is so that I can use a later version of the Crystal VCL.  I have customers that want to be able to create their own reports and the 8.5 VCL cannot open any reports created with CR 9 or later.  I have the Crystal XI VCL component and I managed to get it to compile on Builder 2007 but the component will not register.  The documentation says that it is for Delphi 7 and C++ Builder 6 so I don't know if it is even compatible.  Do you know if there is a way to get the Crystal XI VCL to work on Builder 2007 or if there is another method of opening reports from the program that I can try.

Thank you very much.

George TokasCommented:
Sorry for the delay Adrian...
I had similar problems installing a third party component for encryption with BCB2006...
Finaly I didn't make it and didn't had enough time to modify the code as needed...
The author also, even though he is a co - author at bcbjournal, didn't had time to made all the changes needed...
That was and why I don't work with later versions (after V6) till now...
The changes needed to make to install are not many but if you don't have the code it wouldn't be easy...
Is it possible to create a DLL with V6 and print the reports from inside??

George Tokas.

P.S. I wrote a series of articles about network communications using TServer/TClient Sockets using non blocking mode. I wanted the article code to work and on BCB2006 but the components were not at the palette of BCB2006.
But all the files needed to install them were allready at the installation directories and so with a few clicks they were installed and showed up at the internet tab. That was the meaning of my first post..:-)
AdrianSRUAuthor Commented:
>The changes needed to make to install are not many but if you don't have the code it wouldn't be easy...
The Crystal XI VCL component comes with the source code so I may be able to make the necessary modifications.  However, I have no idea what the necessary modifications are.  Are there any online resources available that show the kinds changes that are necessary to upgrade a component to a new version of Builder?  I was hoping that if I could get the component to compile on 2007 then it would work but unfortunately that isn't the case.  It compiled but when I try to add the component to Builder I get the error:
Registration procedure, Ucrepereg.Register in package C:\CrystalXI\Builder\cr11cvcl.bpl raised exception class EComponentError: <No Message>.

Thank you George!  I always appreciate your help.

gtokas  thanks !

you help me !


solution : delete the component ADOTable or other Table and take again in Form !
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