Receiving javaw.exe error when Installing Oracle SOA Suite


I am installing Oracle SOA suite for Windows and when it reaches 12% complete I receive the following error:

Error signature:
App Name: javaw.exe
ModName: easfa.dll
Offset: 0001c799

Please refer to for exact details.

Thanks in advance
jtriftsMI and AutomationAsked:
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You're running version 1.6 of java and you're supposed to run 1.4?
jtriftsMI and AutomationAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info but I have since tried installing java 1.4 but I still receive the same error??

Thanks in advance
jtriftsMI and AutomationAuthor Commented:

I have fixed the problem. In the end I just renamed this dll and then the install went through successfully.

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Just to add to this...

the easfa.dll file is related to the EAS Archiving program. Uninstalling the program also clears this issue up (as renaming the DLL will break that application if it is needed in the future).
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