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Okay, so basically I have a program that uses two disks, and install disk and a data disc. It's not a video game, it's a database application but the data and the interface are all bundled together. After you use the install disk, all you need is the data disc, but I'm worried about it getting damaged since I only have one copy to use. All I want to do is copy the data disc so I can carry the original around with me without fear of it breaking my bag.

I tried slysoft clone CD which usually works for stuff like this, but the program seems to be able to detect whether the CD is original or not.

Any ideas anyone?
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Copy protection is different depending on the software used. Sorry for the consultant answer.

The most legit answer to your question with software sold on media today is that when that disc breaks, you can legally call the company and request for a replacement disc and they are obligated by law to furnish you another disc, granted you need to return the broken disc to prove you had an original.

All other answers are against the EULA from the software manufacturer (pirating their software or making an illegal copy) and would be a violation here at Experts Exchange.

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I believe that I answered this question.
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