user not listed in global address list in exchange

i have a user that no longer works in the firm, someone disabled his account when they let him go.
he still has 2 gb of email in his mailbox , i can login using his credentials on a workstation but
when i go connect him using outlook in exchange- tells me the user can't be found in the address list

i see where he is NOT listed in the GAL, and don't see an option to add users in here. i assume
exchange is looking in the GAL to find the users' and his name is not present.

My objective is to export his mailbox into a PST File and wanted to do it the simple way using outlook.  theres got to be a way to add him back into the GAL,
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isaman07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Simply enable his account and additionally check in his user account properties, exchange advanced tab if the Hide from global address list is checked, uncheck it.
isaman07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Anyways you don't even need to use outlook to export his mailbox to pst. You can always use exmerge to extract it.
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