How do I reset the administrator password on an HP 9100C Document Sender that has v4.0 firmware?

The workaround password of "erase password please" doesn't work.  Also "password", and "erase password" don't work.  I can't upgrade the firmware to 5.x because the device is asking for the administrator password to do this.
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bradleys40Connect With a Mentor Commented:
there are some answers to this question at

some use "erase password please" others use "erase password"
ipremiseAuthor Commented:
It took a number of retries before it worked but the suggestions in the above link did clear the password.  

Incidentally, telneting to the scanner was helpful for reconfiguring JetDirect settings.  (I didn't try the JetDirect's web interface.)  This will not fix many important network values that must be done through the console on the scanner.  

I also upgraded the scanner's firmware (a download from the HP site) after clearing the admin password.  Read the firmware upgrade's doc first.  The upgrade took at least 5 minutes, so be patient if you do this.
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