windows 2003 server shares.

I thought In windows 2003 server shares when users create and deletes files it keeps always a copy of it as long as shadow copy is enabled.

now how do I go and find the file that has been deleted by mistake and recover it. I remember used this in Novell Netware that keeps the deleted items.

any idea how to recover the file that has been created and deleted the same day and we don't have a backup for it?

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its not by default

you need to have Shadow copies enabled on the disk volume itself

you then need to have the client tool installed in some cases

will then be able to go to the properties of the folder and see previous versions TAB

Keep in mind this is all related to the settings that YOU specify on the volume itself

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
after enabling shadow copy in w2003 server, would this save every version of the file?
if someone deletes a file what steps should I take to restore it?
it would save according to the schedule you select it to save
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jskfanAuthor Commented:
we have w2003 server we have shares under the D: drive. shadow copie is enabled on the D: drive and schedule at 7:00 am ever day.
Now if a user deletes a file how can I look for it and restor it?

I don't see any option to browse for deleted files.
did you read through my link above? it tells you exactly what you need to install to get the VSS functionaly for restoration available
actually - if its a deleted file, im not sure if previous versions will still show
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Windows Server 2003

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