Why does temp profile load when users logs on?

I have a reception area and at the lunch break the users exchange work stations.  When they log onto there "changed" stations they create temp profiles.  I am told that they are shuttingthe computers off before they move.  I cannot confirm this.  The result is that none of the Icons that run their EMR or Web short cuts area accessible even when loaded into the "All users: profile
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TEMP profiles normally load when the local profile is corrupted, or the roaming profile is non-contactable - i.e. the connection to the server is temporarily unavailable.
Normally - if the user logs out from the temp profile, then logs back in - the normal profile takes over - and the customised functions you have set up will run.
This could be a hardware issue - if this is happening to one computer a lot (network card might need replacing) - or multiple clients - the infrastructure might be at fault (at the worst - unlikely if your network is working okay) - or just a lack of bandwidth - perhaps lots of users logging on and/or off at the same time...
I agree with and235100

If you dont have romaing profiles then the local profile on that/those machines for that user may be bad.  Log on as an admin to tha machine or get to the machine through the admin share
\\name\c$ then go to documents and settings and rename the user profile having issues
to something like username.old then have that user log on again and see if it rebuilds a profile
cbrobertsAuthor Commented:
The issue seems to be happeining local to a pair of machines.  I asked the users to shut down at lunch and have them re-boot to make certain that the old profiles were terminated.  This worked for the short term.  Also I will check the wires to see there is any shorting or corruption.  

FYI - we are not using roaming profiles.  Very small office  and I have already cleaned out old profiles and logged on to create these new ones.  The pair of boxes had over 30 profiles created between them.

So I will get these things done and then accept the answers.

You all might have seen it:

If you have replaced your servers with new ones, you may have created a new domain. The domain name may be the same, the server IP and server computer name may be the same. But, you have to rejoin the domain after you swap out the servers. Upon rejoining the domain you get two profiles for each user.


What some people call the temp profile is really a brand new profile. It was created because you are trying to create a brand new profile with the same name as the old profile. The reason for this second profile is because you have to join the domain again for a new trust relationship with the server. If you go into the old profile, you will see the documents and settings that you might want to restore. You can copy and paste those documents and settings into the new profile.

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