Need to move DHCP scope from one server (2k3) to another (2k3), but...

..I need to make sure that the import process appends the scope and not replace the current scopes hosted on the destination server. I've never moved DHCP scopes like this before, and I'm looking for step-by-step directions on how to accomplish this. I'm in the middle of a situation your help is much appreciated.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With the method described below, scopes from the "export" DHCP server will be added to the "import" server, leaving existing scopes unchanged.
What I can't tell at the moment is what happens if the same server options are configured, and what happens if one or more scopes overlap.
You can test that rather easily, though. Just separate a test server with DHCP from the regular network (either by physically unplugging it, or, for easier data transfer, you can add a Loopback NIC and set the DHCP server to only listen on that NIC). The first export the DHCP scope from your "import" server and import it on your test machine, then export from the "export" server and import it as well on the test machine. Check what happens with the settings.

How to move a DHCP database from a computer that is running Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003 to a computer that is running Windows Server 2003
bnditAuthor Commented:
Hi cycle303,

Thanks for the article, but I'm not trying to just move this particular dhcp scope to another server. Let me expand more on my situation...

1) There were two servers (both 2k3) in the same site; both running dhcp services. The first server had just the one dhcp scope, and the second server has multiple dhcp scopes.
2) The first server with the one dhcp scope died. However, I was able to extract the dhcp scope a few days before it crashed because I was planning to move this scope to the second server.
3) I am not looking to just move this particular scope to the second server and replace all the other scopes; this would be painful as many remote sites depend on these scopes.
4) I want to be able to import the scope so that it becomes part of the pool of scopes that I currently have running on the second server. I'm basically merging two dhcp servers into one, keeping all scopes.
Try this for importing the scope into the other server.  I would recommend exporting both databases from each server, combine them by cut and past method, and then import all into the other server.
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