How do I setup an intranet for the company which I work for?

Can anyone tell me how to setup an intranet for the company which I work for or can someone provide me with information on how to go about doing this?  I want to set up a simple intranet for all the employees at the small business where I work, and only allow access to the ip addresses which are part of the LAN for my company and restrict access to everyone else.

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Right ... can you provide more details? What sort of Intranet you'd like to deploy? Do you have specific application to run over your Intranet, do you need username/password access, is there a domain or workgroup in place? Are you willing to deploy a web based intranet?  if so, what browsers are you trying to make the Application compatible with? Just the term of "Intranet" is a bit vague. Please provide more details as per what you'd like to achieve in practice; give us a scenario example?

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You can setup an intranet by setup a web server on the local area network, you can use Microsoft IIS or as I would recommend, use of a unix machine to host an apache server.

If you have a firewall that protect your enterprise from outside you can block incoming request on the port 80 so only your network will have access to that web server.

If that web server as a LAN ip everyone inside the same network will have access and ppl from outside should not have access.

If you have a DNS on your LAN you will be able to give any name to that intranet by adding any cname record that points to your web server.
Firstly you need to understand what it is your users will be using this intranet for? what are you looking to achive?

I would highly recommend sharepoint services which comes free with Windows 2003, there are numerous templates for sharepoint you can download from the Micorsoft Website geared to perticular departments and job roles. Let us know what you want your users to be able to do on this intranet and then I can help you more. Sharepoint you can easiliy lock down access from username or IP address
bwjohnson88Author Commented:
cool.  I am checking out the IIS right now...

My goal is to set up something that has upcomming events and a CALENDAR where employees can post stuff and remove stuff if they need to.  I want it to be like a central access point of the company.
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