Installing Citrix PS 4.5 in Existing 4.0 Farm

I am looking for some suggestions for the following:
I have an existing CPS4.0 Farm with 2 servers with load balance running in Windows 2003 AD environment. I would like to install and test CPS4.5 in the same environment. How can this be done without affecting the production CPS farm. I have considered creating a new CPS4.5 farm and reallocating few CPS licenses into a different license server. Is this the appropriate way to go about doing this? Any thought or suggestion will be appreciated.


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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your new farm is probably responding to client broadcasts.  You can disable this in the AMC.  I would go into the Properties of your new server, click Browser under the ICA heading, uncheck "Create browser listener on UDP network".  What I think is happening is this, you have users whose Application Sets are not pointing to a specific server; this works great on a flat network.  When your PN users broadcast you are now having 2 farms respond.  Taking this UDP listener down should mute your test server.  You should be able to configure a new application set, add the server address and XML port for your new server, and test away.  Or use a web interface to test the new box.  Let me know if you run into issues again.  
You can install a new farm and test it with an Admin account.  I believe Admins can run unlicensed for testing.  Or, get some NFR or eval licenses from your local Citrix rep.  They will love the contact and ability to try selling you stuff.  
EverardSinghAuthor Commented:
I did install a new farm and ported few licenses to the new PS4.5 farm. However, the new farm is somehow interfering with the old farm in production. I have ica clients specifically pointed to the main server in the old farm but still the client gets hung with error "can not find metaframe server, there is no metaframe server configured at the specified address". When I unplug the new PS4.5 server from the domain (lan connection) everything starts working fine.

The old farm has two citrix servers in load balancing and something new started happening since all this - Users are getting authentication prompt to log into the second citrix server when they access program that are published on the second server. ( I do have some programs that are published on just one server.)

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so can u have 4.0 and 4.5 servers coexisting under the same farm ?
Yes, I did this when I was upgrading my farm.  I started with just one 4.5 server and moved some apps to it.  Then, a week later, I upgraded the remaining boxes to 4.5.  
Blipman,  You said

"a week later, I upgraded the remaining boxes to 4.5"

Can you elaborate on how you did the upgrading of 4.0 boxes?  How did you point the users to the new 4.5 server on a flat-network?

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