Looking for XP Drivers for Gateway M-6750 laptop that came with Vista

I am trying to hunt down working drivers for this system.  I have most of it working.  The two problem areas are the audio and wireless networking.

The gateway site lists:

6008052R - 802.11n Wireless Mini Card (FRU) {Gemtek WMIM-104N}
6008131R - 802.11n Wireless Network Card (FRU) {Lite On WN6500M}

I tried the audio drivers at http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/search.asp?param=Sigmatel&st=kw without luck.
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My friend's laptop came with XP Media Center and he had to reload it with regular XP. All his drivers were gone, but I got them all back using these steps:

1. Open your Control Panel: Click Start, select "Run..." and type Control Panel. Click OK.
2. Click "Switch to Classic View" if you are currently in Category View.
3. Open the System section of your Control Panel.
4. Go to the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.

Once you are in the Device Manager, you need to find the devices that need drivers. You may need to right-click the very top icon in the list (your whole computer) and select "Scan for hardware changes". Once you are done, you should be able to find some devices with yellow question marks as their icons. These are devices which do not have working drivers. Right-click these icons and tell Windows to update the driver, or find drivers. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, because Windows will need to search online for many new or obscure hardware devices.
blainehiltonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your fast reply, however I have already done that and there are yellow marks for the Ethernet (wireless) and the sound.  Windows can not find them online.
Is it safe to presume that you found the wireless ID by entering your serial number at the Gateway site and getting your current System Config? If not, Gateway also shows an Integrated Marvell 802.11 ABG Draft-N Wireless Networking *and* a Marvel TOPDOG (TM) PCI-Express 802.11n Wireless (EC85) for this model. Without knowing definitively which device you have, finding drivers is going to be harder. Same with the audio.

Can you download, install and run System Information for Windows (SIW) from:


Once you've done so, we'll need the information on your motherboard, chipset, audio, and wireless.

Or, and this might be easier, go to this page:


Enter the serial number for your unit, and post the link here for the resulting URL. Yes, I know this will only show the Vista drivers, but we've got to start with what we know.
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>> there are yellow marks for the Ethernet (wireless) and the sound.  Windows can not find them online.

Try right click to disable them and reenable them or restart the PC to see whether the yellow marks gone ...... if still cannot, you need to go to www.hp.com and search for your notebook model then download the drivers from there ...... Hope this help ....
blainehiltonAuthor Commented:
It is a Marvel TOPDOG (TM) PCI-Express 802.11n Wireless (EC85) as I still have Vista on a 2nd laptop and can look at the device manager.

I have read from other sources that Marvel does not make a Windows XP driver and that you must either use a a USB wireless adapter or purchase another internal version such as an Intel model that does have XP drivers.  I also read someone did get it to work though too.

The URL for the sound driver for Vista is http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21541

Even if it is just not possible for the wireless before I go and buy more hardware I would like to make sure the audio will work.

The last thing is just realized the buttons on top of the keyboard for DVD and sound control don't work either....
For the wireless, see the very last post in this thread:




Sigmatel Audio Driver Version: 6.10.5365

This is high-definition and will require UAA. Will look for this one and get back to you.
blainehiltonAuthor Commented:
The TopDog driver trick did not work for me I'm afraid.  When I get into device manager and tell it to use the folder from the netgera it says it can't find one that is comptabile in the folder.  Perhaps it is because I have a gateway MT-6750 instead of the MT-6458 as that poster had?
I have Vista now, so unfortunately I can't test this product for you, but it has proven very very accurate for me on Vista, so I figure XP support should be just as good.


It has many tools that could help you find drivers, such as Detailed Hardware List and Identify Unknown Hardware. It will scan your computer and tell you what drivers are out of date, but so they do not offer your missing drivers for download (yet).

found the audio drivers for the Gateway M-6000 series notebooks (mine = M-6755).  i googled "gateway sigmatel audio xp drivers" and got a Gateway page of what appears to be all Sigmatel drivers they ever used, then DL'd the most recent one for XP (D00758-001-001):


extract, run setup.exe and - 'boom' - you've got sound.

i think you should give another shot to that Marvell TOPDOG driver trick posted @fatwallet.com.  it worked perfect for me and i'm pretty sure the M-6750, M-6752, and M-6755 all use the same WLAN card on my M-6755.
blainehiltonAuthor Commented:
After trying everything, multiple times, and pulling hair out, I found a couple of posts about just replacing the card and that is what I did, to an Intel model.

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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
I know I am a bit late...just found your question and just found this....

Good luck!
Try that! :)  Hope it works for you...I have not verified....as I dont have one of the marvel cards...

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