Cannot Create new VMWare machine OS

I just installed VMWare on Server 2003 x64.  I thought I have done this before but after installing on new machine I am not sure if x64 Windows 2003 is compatible with VMWare.

I can runn VMs but after I create the basic machine and go to install the OS such as XP it bypasses the cdrom and tries to start up with DHCP. This obviously comes to a failure since there is no preboot nic.

Attached is a pic of what it is doing.  I have seen this before and got an answer long time ago but cannot find the answer thru search or thru the settings.


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StevesdlConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was a setting in the BIOS of the newly created OS Shell.  It was going to the NIC to start off with.  How this got changed for only one new machine I do not know but this corrected the issue.
Have you disabled the NIC?
Perhaps disable 'connect on boot'
Change the NIC to a different mode.
StevesdlAuthor Commented:
Nope this is not it.. But I did see that before and tested and also tested again.

Thanks though
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