Is there a way for users to choose their own screensavers when GP is enforcing a password-protected screensaver?


I'm supporting a user who has his own rotating screensaver that he wants to use, but the domain Group Policy settings enforce a password-protected screensaver.  Is there a way to enforce that a screensaver is password-protected yet still be able to choose what screensaver you want?  I'm open to creating an OU for this user or whatever needs to be done to resolve it, but need to still be able to enforce the security policy.
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
no worries
You can go into the group policy (that disables the policy)then go to the delegation tab then the advanced button down at the bottom right.
Now add your user you want then go to apply group policy and then deny.
This would obviously deny this entire policy for this user so you may need to decide on what you want to do -
Either create a new OU for this user
Deny this group policy for this one user
edit the original GPO and reomve the screensaver option and create a new GPO with just the screensaver setting then apply it to the same OU and deny it for that one user as mentioned above
there is always the forcing of a screensaver that you specify through GPO..just another option to think about :)
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bluelangroupAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Thanks for the input, these are good ideas.  I think I may be able to combine these two ideas: To separate the different policies and deny the generic password-protected screensaver to the user in question.  Then I could force a specific screensaver via GP to this user.  If I forced a specific screensaver, I have two follow-up questions: 1. How to do this in GP and 2. Can this enforced screensaver also be password-protected?

Thanks for the help.
yah, but if you implent security filtering, make sure you implement it on both policies - one for the user in question and the rest for everything else, i would personally save the hassle and for simplicity create a second OU with a different policy

your screensaver policies are all under your desktop options - you simply specify the scr file and yes, it can still be password protected
bluelangroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that sounds right.  I'll give that a shot and let you know how it goes.  
bluelangroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, I was able to get around the issue.
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